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Electric Under Floor Heating Kent

Electric Under Floor HeatingWe’re proud to be exclusive agents of the AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon Mat System, a technologically advanced electric under floor heating system that we distribute throughout Kent and the rest of the United Kingdom.

There’s a reason we choose to offer this system to our customers—the AHT system boasts ribbon mats that have the thinnest layer and the largest surface area on the market, and it’s the ONLY under floor system that can be directly laid underneath any type of floor covering necessary.

The extra-wide ribbon of the AHT system eliminates cold spots to offer a totally comfortable heating solution whilst distributing heat far more easily and efficiently, which not only means the whole room will be more comfortable it also means it can be used at a lower temperature.

It results in a quiet, safe and even level of heat, and the lower temperature means it can be fitted underneath all kinds of floor covering without damaging the floor itself. The element stays at a lower heat and that means it won’t affect the colour, adhesive or lacquer of wood floor and nor will it overheat or damage carpets, and it can even be used underneath floor tiles being placed directly within the tile adhesive.

This method of heating can be ideal whether you’re building a new home or refurbishing an existing one, and with no structural changes being necessary you can look forward to achieving great results the easy way. AHT’s ultra-thin, flexible heating mats can be placed directly underneath the existing flooring, and as an added bonus you’ll be freeing up your wall space for total design freedom.

The AHT system will reach optimum temperature faster than any other system available, reducing energy consumption and therefore your energy bills, and because they’ve been designed, manufactured and certified according to the highest of electrical safety standards you can be confident in having a system that will meet your requirements.

Free Underfloor Heating QuoteWith a full 15 year warranty (if installed according to manufacturer’s installation instructions) you’ll have a system you can rely on for years to come, so if you want to discuss the options of this kind of electric underfloor heating in Kent make sure to get in touch and see why it could be the ideal solution to your heating needs.

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