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Warm Water Under Floor Heating Kent

If you’re looking for the most efficient water heating system around, you can’t go wrong with underfloor heating. In fact, warm water underfloor heating can actually improve the efficiency of your current fossil fuel boiler, ground source, air source heating pumps, and biomass and has the ability to be used with any heating source necessary to make it ideal for homes and businesses of all kinds. 

We supply warm water underfloor heating systems throughout Kent and the rest of the UK.

Free Underfloor Heating QuoteWith this type of system you’re getting a much larger heated surface area than with the traditional radiator set-up. That means heat is emitted more easily and more efficiently for a far more comfortable result, and it also means that the temperature can actually be turned down which can easily result in great energy and cost savings.

This makes warm water under floor heating the perfect choice for gas or oil condensing boilers as these are much more efficient at lower temperatures, but it’s also ideal for heat pump sources where efficiency is increased when optimum temperature is reached—the ability to use it at a much lower temperature whilst being comfortable and reaching heat demand makes under floor options a great choice.

It’s even ideal for renewable energy sources. Thermal store cylinders that collect and distribute heat from biomass, solar or woodchip sources, for example, will be able to sustain optimum output for longer when used at lower temperatures, with the controls being similar to those used in the heat pump scenario.

As you can see, warm water underfloor heating is the ideal solution no matter what type of energy source you use. If you’re looking for someone to provide the system you’re after you’ve come to the right place—we can integrate our systems with your current energy source and will be happy to provide a free quotation for your particular situation, covering the complete end-to-end solution to ensure you get the results you want.

If you’re looking for warm water underfloor heating in Kent make sure to get in touch, and in the meantime click here to see the type of floors our system can be used with and you’ll be one step closer to having an efficient, cost-effective and wholly functional way to heat your home.

Click here to see the floor types that our Systems can be used on.

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